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Top 5 Things To Do Next Time You Visit Rome

Rome is a wonderful destination to go to. You will discover several things to do whenever you visit Rome. The rich history, wonderful tradition and also excellent people make Rome a fantastic place to visit. Just take a look at a few of the things which you may get to do in Rome which do not necessarily involve museums, and this guide can help you find the best things you can do in Rome. Continue reading “Top 5 Things To Do Next Time You Visit Rome” »

Must Do Things In Key West Florida

If you have made all plans to visit Key West Florida, make a list of the things to do and enjoy. There are numerous Key West Florida activities to indulge in and make the best of your vacation time. Here we bring to you the top 5 things to do in Key West. Continue reading “Must Do Things In Key West Florida” »

Where to find the best vacations for your money

We love to travel, but while rising a family we always settled for less so we could afford to travel. Now the kids are gone we want to travel as much as possible. While researching for travel opportunities we came across a very interesting travel web site. It turned out to be an amassing discovery. We have been using their service for over a year now, gone on four 5-star resorts and cruise and paid less than any vacation that we ever took before. So we decided to share our good fortune with any one who loves to travel. Continue reading “Where to find the best vacations for your money” »

Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand

Nestled closed to the Kauri Bay and flanked by the Victorian chalets, the Kauri Cliffs is no geological wonder, but a man-made marvel perched remotely north between the Pacific and the coniferous forest. Forget all about what a typical resort or hotel offers; as this place will steal your heart not via its amenities, but through its supreme extravaganza of cool, constant sea breeze rejuvenating you naturally via its pure oxygen. Do not believe me? Well, check out for yourself and after that, you will have to agree with this! Looking for more attractions? Continue reading “Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand” »

Hotel Thornbury Castle

To begin with, we are actually not talking about a hotel, but a magnificent castle converted to a prestigious hotel. Who doesn’t dream of fairly tales? Everybody has a fairly tale related to their lives, and the connection could just get closer when planning a stay in this remarkable castle. Older time castles had a welcome sign, so let’s dream of a similar sign and enter the luxurious hotel. The castle had been home to royal personalities namely Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. The first castle to be transformed to a hotel is Thornbury Castle in the UK. Continue reading “Hotel Thornbury Castle” »

Le Mans – Racing and More

Le Mans is a town located in the Sarthe department in the Loire Valley region in France. It is in the western portion of the country. The department of Sarthe is famous most of all due to the town of Le Mans. Le Mans is known both as a historically significant town, as well as the famous venue for 24 hr car races. Continue reading “Le Mans – Racing and More” »