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Five Countries You’ve Never Considered For Vacation

Paris, Rome, London – been there, done that. There is no denying these cities are beautiful with great all-inclusive deals, but tried and tested travel destinations offer few bragging rights nowadays. It seems everyone has had pictures with the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben lately. If you’re wanting an unusual travel destination, one of these more forgotten vacation countries will give you some serious bragging rights – and photo opportunities – to make your friends jealous!  (more…)

Beach Destinations in South America

Rio De Janeiro is a fascinating destination in South America. A greatly peaceful region, the Ilha Grande is a lovely paradise here lying just an hour away from Rio. Vehicles are banned here and tourists love to hike across the island and spend hours lolling on the golden sands. Dois Rios is a beautiful beach here, which is usually reached by foot. (more…)