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Luxurious Stay at Novotel Mumbai on a Holiday in the City of Dreams

Mumbai, which is the financial and entertainment capital of the country, receives thousands of visitors on a daily basis. This metropolitan city was formed by integrating an archipelago of islands, namely Mahim, Parel, Bombay Island, Worli, Colaba, Little Colaba and Mazagaon. While on a tour to this densely-populated city, travellers can explore its beaches, shrines, shopping markets and old colonial buildings for a great holiday experience. (more…)

Golden Triangle Tours: An Unforgettable Journey

All tours to India have something rich and attractive to offer to the tourists. The tourist experiences a trip that can never be forgotten. From north to south, from east to west, India is full of surprises that are yet to be unfolded. (more…)

Luxury Trains in Rajasthan: The Pride of Indian Railways

Rajasthan is a top rated tourism destination in India for national and international visitors. Here you can enjoy a camel ride at Thar desert. You can see the royal forts and palaces of Jodhpur. Udaipur “the pink city” invites you to spend romantic evenings in its vicinity. Indian Railways has enhanced the value of Rajasthan tourism by providing facility of luxury trains. Visitors from other Indian destinations and foreign destinations can make a railway reservation enquiry at the website of Indian Railways for getting on a train to Rajasthan. They can even make train booking online at Rajasthan luxury trains and get around it in comfortable rail coaches. (more…)

Ideal Beach Getaways in Asia

The continent of Asia is an ancient land filled with the best of sights and the most of visual attractions. With most of the tours here providing the tourists with maximum excitement and fascinating adventurous experiences. Beaches here are a great way of escaping the mundane every day routine and the perfect escape to paradise like destinations. (more…)