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Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand

Nestled closed to the Kauri Bay and flanked by the Victorian chalets, the Kauri Cliffs is no geological wonder, but a man-made marvel perched remotely north between the Pacific and the coniferous forest. Forget all about what a typical resort or hotel offers; as this place will steal your heart not via its amenities, but through its supreme extravaganza of cool, constant sea breeze rejuvenating you naturally via its pure oxygen. Do not believe me? Well, check out for yourself and after that, you will have to agree with this! Looking for more attractions? (more…)

Lyall Bay, The Dog Friendly Beach

Visit the beautiful Lyall Bay beach in the lovely ambience of Australia and the South Pacific, and let your dogs enjoy here to their utter delight. This is a great place to socialize and an ideal way of enjoying your vacations in this part of the world. Let your dog socialize and experience the pleasures of a great beach destination and feel the pure ambience of a great land filled with maximum adventures. (more…)