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Top 10 Menorca

For a relatively small island, Menorca offers bags of choice and variety when it comes to finding things to do. Whether you plan to relax and revive, spend your time taking in the culture of the island or indulge in some exciting sporting pastimes, Menorca offers ample opportunity to do what you like best. (more…)

Why Lanzarote Is Perfect for Catching Some Winter Sun

With daytime temperatures that rarely drop below eighteen degrees Celsius, golden sand and a range of fantastic hotels, laid-back Lanzarote provides the perfect winter getaway. (more…)

Top vacation spots in Spain: Granada

The Iberian peninsula is a big piece of land. Not like USA or Russia big, but at 591,070 square km, there’s a lot of space. And Spain as the largest constituent part, has a lot of variety. Most people will know the MediterraneanĀ  and Atlantic coast beach resorts, but there’s a lot more to see in Spain as well. The country has vast deserts in the interior, lush grasslands and forests as well as half of one of the most impressive mountain ranges in the world , containing a lost mountain along the border with France, which is actually called, “The Lost Mountain” (or Monte Perdido if you’re Spanish.) (more…)