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Hotel Thornbury Castle

To begin with, we are actually not talking about a hotel, but a magnificent castle converted to a prestigious hotel. Who doesn’t dream of fairly tales? Everybody has a fairly tale related to their lives, and the connection could just get closer when planning a stay in this remarkable castle. Older time castles had a welcome sign, so let’s dream of a similar sign and enter the luxurious hotel. The castle had been home to royal personalities namely Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. The first castle to be transformed to a hotel is Thornbury Castle in the UK. (more…)

6 Castles to See on the Gower Peninsula

Jutting out from the coast into the Bristwol Channel in south Wales, Gower is about 70 square miles of heaven.  It is the first area in Britain to be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and it lives up to the title.  The beautiful coastline is popular with walkers and outdoor fans and there are a number of popular bays and beach areas, while the water itself attracts surfers. (more…)

Essential Tips when planning a stag weekend in Birmingham

England’s second largest city, home of Black Sabbath and the Balti Curry, Birmingham has undergone an extravagant regeneration scheme, reinventing itself as a vibrant and cultural UK hotspot. The city also plays host to the annual Birmingham Chilli Festival, where visitors are challenged to take part in a chilli-eating competition. As well as this, Birmingham additionally benefits from excellent transport links to the rest of the UK, making it the perfect city in which to organise a stag do to remember. (more…)